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Stepper motor tension spring

by Common_Marsupial

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to 3D printing and while I'm having a fair level of success I have one real problem that's been resisting my every effort to fix.
I have an M8r2 mixed extruder and the stepper motor on extruder one is having a hard time feeding the filament. It acts exactly as if there is to much tension on the spring, but every effort to relieve this pressure by using the screw device that comes with the unit has led to no change in tension due to what I can only assume is bad design. Instead of squeezing the bracket as the screw is tightened, thereby relieving pressure on the toothed stepper wheel/bearing system, the little black piece just keeps moving further into the spring with no anchor meaning no difference in tension. I've tried tightening the screw as far as possible, all the way out to barely holding in place (and everywhere in between) to no avail.

If anybody has a solution I'd be grateful as right now I can only use extruder two.

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Cura Profile for P802QR2

by prelard812

Hi guys,
Any of you have a Cura profile to start with for my zonestar p802qr2

I thing that any p802 would be a good starting point.
Thank you

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Zonestar P802QR2 Y Axis Belt Tensioner

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All, FYI I have uploaded a Y Axis Belt Tensioner for the Zonestar, link below.
Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3281526

Zonestar P802QR2 Y Axis Belt Tensioner
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Zonestar Z5M2 config settings

by Sodamninsane

Hello Everybody.

Sorry for my question(s), but i'm pretty new with the Repetier Firmware.

My kids bought me a second 3D printer for my birthday!!
It's a Zonestar Z5M2 with a dual mixed extruder, with a auto level bed Probe, and 2 FROD's.
It's a nice printer, but i think the settings are not quit correct.
The biggest problem is, when i HOMED ALL, and i want to do a G29 probe, it starts in front of the bed... :( :(

How can i change that?

Or is there maybe someone who has the same printer, with these upgrades?
And has a config file, maybe????? :D

Thx in advance!

repetier_firmware Zonestar Z5M2 zonestar_z5 Zonestar_Z5MR2
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Alternative compatible stepper motors for the Zonestar Printers

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All
Has anyone replaced any stepper motors with something compatible but better. I have a failing extruder motor and would like to replace with something better. I did try a Quimat Nema 17 from Amazon but the wiring is different and I cannot find any specifics regarding wiring with the Zonestar motors to affect a conversion. I have got the Quimat working but its noisy and I am not sure if the voltage to the driver is correct due to lack of comparative info.

Best Boothy

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