Help with Barcodes - Thingiverse

You may have noticed that some pages on Thingiverse are now showing barcodes. Why is this, you ask? That is a good question! You see, Thingiverse straddles an interesting divide: that between the digital and the physical. Barcodes share a similar purpose: they are physical markings designed to represent digital information. Or are they digital markings used to identify physical objects? Hehe. So we thought, why not add them to Thingiverse. We have no idea what people will do with them, but we have a few hopes. Like maybe integrating their barcode into their digital design so people can look it up!

QR Codes

QR Codes are awesome 2D barcodes that are commonly used to store URLs that can be read and then visited (such as with your mobile phone!) They are super cool and handy, and we're including them so in the hopes that people will print them out and attach them to their objects so that they may be scanned and visited online. Lets blur some lines, people!