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Professional, Designer, Teacher

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Printers: Creality CR-10/Tronxy X3/Wanhao Di3/P802M i3/Kossel 2020/Box 2020/MaxMicron Dual i3/and...

Design Programs: OnShape, Affinity Designer, Apple Pages, Napkin and pen or crayon, Notes on iPad

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CR-10 Precision Thumbdial by idig3d Oct 24, 2017
Snap-on Filament Filter/Oiler by idig3d Jul 27, 2016
Solder Fingers by idig3d Jul 22, 2016

Verified Files

Tronxy X3 x-belt tensioner by idig3d Jan 7, 2017
Christmas Tree (now with lamp base) by idig3d Nov 24, 2016
CR-10 / Tronxy Mittens Cooler by idig3d Feb 13, 2018