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I started working on Rhinoceros Beta version in 1998. After that, I begin to work on 3DS MAX 3.0, ALIAS, AutoCAD and a lot of other 3D softwares for MATSUSHITA Corporation in Milan.
I started my prototyping experience in 2000 with a dust deposition machine (low precision, 1,00 mm). Actually I manage prototyping with a precision of 0,01 mm for the watch industry, and 0,1 mm for common mass production industries, basically in SLA. My skill is a large experience in 3D NURBS modeling problem solving, repair of mathematics, solving technical problems and optimizing products.
Actually I'm involved in a new project called ITALYmaker, to introduce in our country a new industrial production concept called "Coworking", based on our Makers Community and coordinating the work of many 3D printers (micro enterprise).

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