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Jason Cooper uses references and thoughts that Womens Clothing into the procedure of the arrangement of the work that they may get away from the individuals who don't take the time to investigate how and why these pictures frequent you, similar to a decent film, long after you've seen them.

His are an examination of ideas, for example, legitimacy and objectivity by utilizing an all encompassing methodology and semi exploratory accuracy and by referencing documentaries, 'certainty fiction' and famous investigative reciprocals. Through a fundamentally solitary approach that is all things considered engraved in the contemporary open deliberation, he thinks about the firmly related subjects of chronicle and memory. This regularly brings about an examination of both the human requirement for "decisive" stories and the inquiry whether tales "fictionalize" history.

His works infrequently transmit a frosty and idle viciousness. Now and again, unsettling excellence rises. The innate visual alluring quality, alongside the succinctness of the displays, further convolutes the gathering of their complex layers of significance. By mocking broad communications by overstating certain formal perspectives intrinsic to our contemporary society, he concentrates on the thought of 'open space' and all the more particularly on spaces where anybody can do anything at any given minute: the non-private space, the non-exclusive space, space that is monetarily uninteresting.

His works are a drawn reflection upon the craft of itself: altogether self-referential, yet no less stylishly satisfying, and along these lines profoundly recorded ever – made present most substantially in the craftsman's investigation of the absolute most consecrated of innovator ideal models. By stressing style, he makes meets expectations that can be seen as self-representations. Now and again they seem peculiar and particular, at different times, they appear to be normal by-results of American superabundance and showcasing.

His works are frequently about contact with structural engineering and fundamental living components. Vitality (warmth, light, water), space and scene are inspected in more subtle ways and here and there grew in foolish ways. By utilizing a steadily developing file of discovered records to make self-ruling fine arts, he lures the viewer into a universe of progressing balance and the interim that verbalizes the surge of every day occasions. Minutes are delineated that just exist to accentuate the human dramatization so as to clear up our presence and to discover beautiful significance in ordinary life.

His works are soaked with conspicuousness, mental idleness, platitudes and terrible jokes. They doubt the coerciveness that is gotten from the more significant importance and the shallow stylish appearance of a picture.


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