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I've been interested in 3d printing for a while and finally decided to buy one in 2015. It's been mostly used to print toys for my kids, but there have been several functional things I've printed. I have used sketchup, tinkercad, and openscad. I'm a software engineer so openscad is really becoming my go to for modeling. Just scratching the surface so far, I need more projects to mess around with!

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Printers: TAZ 5

Design Programs: OpenSCAD

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Customizable Minecraft Crafting Table by jewzaam Apr 22, 2017
Knitting Loom (150mm diameter, 26 pegs) by jewzaam Mar 24, 2017
Customizable Desiccant Box by jewzaam Apr 6, 2017
GE Electric Dryer Knob by jewzaam May 2, 2015