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Hello all
I received my Early Education in Calgary from 1980-1996, the last two years of which where attending the Plains Indians Cultural survival school. In 1995 I attended Collage at the Enokiwan Center in Penticton B.C. An off campus affiliated collage of the University of Victoria B.C., where I took first year General studies Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Drawing, Textiles and I Minor in creative writing.
By then my Mothers career was in full swing and I became her assistant full time. I remained her insistent until her passing in 2009. During that time Joane Encourages me to pursue my own Artistic career. We Rarely collaborated on small artistic projects, but I assisted her with installations, framing, stretching-prepairing canvases, also some of the parts of the projects she found tedious or where she was physically incapable of doing due to her progressing illness. ties projects Included "Preservation of a Species" series Opra Coat, Painted Pony at the Calgary International Airport.
I worked on my own projects all through the 22 years I was Joane's assistant chauffeured her to events and speaking engagements in Alberta, B.C., Winnipeg Manitoba. Joane did not like to drive on the on the roads today. We where involved in NFP Society's in Calgary for almost 30 Years this included CAAS(Calgary Aboriginal Awareness Society), and later CAAAS,(Calgary Aboriginal Arts Awareness Society) and Egging Holt Cafe and Effing Holt Gallery. Also CAAAS events Including back stage managing variety nights and Fashion shows.
I have also had an avid interest in Computers and technology AK Computer aided Media software as a Result I use computers in my projects. I have been Joane's troubleshooter and technical support when it came to all things technological. My newest project is 3D Sculpture on the Computer and then using a CNC Carving program like Pronterface to reproduce the Object in 3D.
Working with Joane for 22 Years was educational and rewarding experience and it taught me a lot about visual communications. Joane was more then a friend and mentor she was also my mother.
I am relatively new to the 3D Community and I hope to Upload something Wonderful soon.
I am saving to get a RepRap Mendal see my website and Help me save... I will print out what you give me.
See my Videos on Update of my Prusa Mendel Build.

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