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Army Airborne 21Nov1991-23apr1995, got my BSEE from The Ohio State University in March 2000. I've worked in numerous roles from digital design engineer to manufacturing engineer. I've also worked on usFIRST.org teams from Ohio to Wisconsin to NJ and back. Currently, I work on my CNC wood carving business! And now I seem to be addicted to 3D printing! Got a Simple Metal Silver with heated bed, upgraded Z to 10" and X axis Bed to 10", newest Printrbot hot-end (soo much better.) Daughter has been making me print flowers and butterflies and castle storage.. and, of course, skulls! I'm going to start working with PETG a bit more as research for a project for my brother.


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Printers: Simple Silver

Design Programs: OpenSCAD

3D Design Skill Level