Spare gasket for Coleman SaluSpa by jridley Sep 10, 2017
Mount for PDW bicycle taillight by jridley Mar 29, 2017
Encoder port cover for Talon SRX by jridley Feb 13, 2017
Holder for CD label tool for Brother label printer by jridley Jan 5, 2017
Simple knurled handle for small screwdriver bits by jridley Jan 1, 2017
Topeak bike rack mounting system by jridley Jan 1, 2017
Cabinet door slide holder (parametric) by jridley Oct 16, 2015
Trilobite dimmer knob by jridley Oct 9, 2015
BIke light holder strap by jridley Sep 23, 2013
Camera Helmet Mount for Sony Action Cam by jridley Oct 6, 2012
Y-Undercarriage by jridley Sep 8, 2012
Prusa X carriage, LM8UU with LEDs and fan by jridley Sep 8, 2012