LM8UU holder by jridley Sep 8, 2012
Compact mechanical endstop holder-parametric by jridley Aug 19, 2012
Y-Undercarriage with belt spacing mod by jridley Aug 18, 2012
Helmet mount for Contour video cameras by jridley Apr 28, 2012
Newspaper Pot Maker by jridley Feb 27, 2012
X Carriage for Prusa Mendel and boltable bushings by jridley Feb 8, 2012
Altered clamp style X ends (SAE and kung fu grip) by jridley Jan 22, 2012
Mendel XLR + Coax power connector bracket (parametric) by jridley Nov 9, 2011
The BatStache-3D printer version by jridley Oct 17, 2011
Mendel XLR power connector bracket (parametric) by jridley Oct 9, 2011
Y bearing bracket by jridley Oct 7, 2011
Parametric fan grille by jridley Sep 25, 2011

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