About jsirgado

Making a more easy World.
Hi, I am IT manager and software engineer.
I really like Tech and build my own things.
To me 3D printing is the great solution.

My personal site:
My 3D printer site:

Juan_Sirgado http://jsya.atwebpages.com

I Am A…

Maker, Designer

Tools I Use…

Printers: Ekobots 3D Printer,

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, MeshLab, Thingiverse Customizer, Inventor


You can find jsirgado participating in these groups

Engineering 569 8,918
Arduino 77 4,859
OpenSCAD 223 3,558
RepRap 181 3,101
Robots 17 2,219
3D Spain 39 226
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A snapshot of jsirgado's favorite designs, collections and makes

Ekobots - Box-H 3D Printer. by jsirgado Sep 16, 2015
Ekobots - Prusa 3D Printer. by jsirgado Aug 30, 2015
Ekobots - Beholder 3D Scanner. by jsirgado Nov 29, 2015
Ekobots - Gear generator simple or double helical tooth by jsirgado May 14, 2014
Ekobots - Gear generator cylindrical tooth by jsirgado Oct 20, 2014
Ekobots - Futuristic sunglasses by jsirgado Oct 16, 2015