Difficulty: Easy  Type: Tap and drag
Platforms: iPad  Cost: Free

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Create 3D models from your own drawings or use easy tools to customize bracelets, medals, and signs, right from your iPad.

If you want to make simple, fun 3D designs directly from an iPad, or if you’re running a class or workshop that has access to iPads, then MakerBot PrintShop is a great place to start. Easy-to-use Tools help you to create 3D text, unique bracelets, screw-top rings, textured vases, and customized medallions in minutes. In addition, PrintShop’s Shape Maker tool enables you to turn paper drawings into customizable 3D creations by taking a photo with the camera on your iPad. Curated Collections and a Digital Store give you access to tested, reliable 3D models that are ready to print immediately.


Get started right away: Download the app, write your signature on a piece of paper, and take a photo with the PrintShop Shape Maker to create a 3D model.

ThingsThings Designed with PrintShop

PrintShop Shape Maker by mathgrrl Jul 10, 2015

PrintShop Shape Maker

A few Things made with the Shape Maker in the MakerBot PrintShop iPad app — draw a picture, take a photo, 3D print it. Designs made with PrintShop are private by default; if you want them to appear on Thingiverse then make them public to show off your work.

PrintShop Creations by mathgrrl Jul 10, 2015

PrintShop Creations

Beautiful vases, unique bracelets, fun signs, medals, and more can be made with the MakerBot PrintShop iPad app. Share your style by making your designs public and including photographs of your 3D printed models.

PrintShop Featured by mathgrrl Jul 10, 2015

PrintShop Featured

Models that are featured in the PrintShop Explore collection. These are the full, original models; PrintShop features special oriented, sized, and plated versions that print well on any MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers.

ThingsGetting Started with PrintShop

Download the MakerBot PrintShop app from the iPad App Store and get started right away. Create a customized design or choose from a curated collection, then Save or 3D Print.

Tools in PrintShop

Create a 3D printable design using any of the built-in tools in the MakerBot PrintShop app. These tools help you personalize basic 3D designs. The Shape Maker tool goes one step further by providing a way to capture your own drawings for 3D designs.

  • Type Maker: If you can type, then you can make a 3D model. Use the iPad keyboard to type a name, word, or phrase, then change height and angles to quickly create a custom 3D printable name tag, nameplate, or sign.

  • Bracelet Maker: Create a 3D printable bracelet in seconds by changing simple controls. Everything you create will be suitable for printing without supports on any 3D printer.

  • Ring Maker: Choose your ring size and then select a topper to make a quick 3D printable ring. Ring toppers include free letter and fun shapes, as well as a few 99-cent toppers featuring designs from Hello Kitty.

  • Vase Maker: The Vase Maker tool allows you to take more control of the design process, giving you access to sliders that determine the profile and shape of your container, as many options for exterior textures. You can create a wide variety of vases, cups, pencil caddies, candle holders, and more with this tool. 

  • Medal Maker: Do you happen to know the World’s Best 10-Year-Old, the local Bowling League Champion, or someone that deserves an Excellence in Science award? Use the Medal Maker to create whatever kind of award you like, by typing your own text and then swapping in different icons. These models look particularly good if you paint them after printing.

  • Shape Maker: Draw anything you like on a piece of paper, take a picture of it with your iPad camera from within the Shape Maker tool, and then use simple sliders and selectors to change the height, background, and outline of your design. There are also options for changing how much of your image is captured, deleting unwanted picture elements, for setting separate heights for different parts of your drawing. Shape Maker gives you the ability to easily create 3D prints of anything you want from your own artwork, drawings, or photographs.

Finding Designs

You can also use PrintShop to find 3D printable designs from free curated collections or models from the MakerBot Digital Store:

  • Explore: Press the Explore button in PrintShop to look through collections of free 3D printable models from Thingiverse. Each model in these collections has been tested on MakerBot Replicators, and sized, meshed, and positioned for optimal 3D printing without supports on other printers.

  • Digital Store: The MakerBot Digital Store contains professional models of buildings, skeletons, ships, and globes, as well as 3D printable characters and models from popular brands like Sesame Street and Martha Stewart. For prices as little as 99 cents you can purchase designs to add to your Library and print on any 5th generation MakerBot Replicators.

Printing Designs

When you have created or found the design that you want to 3D print, you can send it directly to a 3D printer or save it for printing later. You’ll have to start by signing in to PrintShop with a free MakerBot account.

  • Print directly to a MakerBot Replicator: If you have a MakerBot Replicator that is set up as a network device over wifi, then all you have to do is press Print from PrintShop to send your design to be 3D printed.

  • Save and print to a MakerBot Replicator later: If you don’t want to send your design to the printer immediately, press Save to add your design to your Cloud Library. Your saved designs will be accessible in the Library tab of your MakerBot Desktop software, ready send to your 3D printer whenever you like.

  • Save and print to any 3D printer: You can save and 3D print designs from MakerBot PrintShop even if you don’t have a MakerBot printer. Press Save to add your designs to your Cloud Library, and then open them in the MakerBot Desktop software. Then select Save As to export your model as an STL file that can be 3D printed on any 3D printer.