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kolergy http://reprap.org/wiki/StrongPrint

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Tools I Use…

Printers: Up Plus, Sygma, udelta

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, MeshLab, Antimony, librecad, Python, Arduino, Gimp, LTSpice, FreeCAD


A snapshot of kolergy's favorite designs, collections and makes

Whippy Whoop by kolergy Oct 22, 2016
AnisopterH8 by kolergy Jul 7, 2016
Anisoptera Racer by kolergy Feb 29, 2016
Brushless Thrust Stand by kolergy Jul 20, 2015
StrongPrint - The DIY Metal 3D Printer by kolergy May 15, 2014
Enlarged Rostock by kolergy Apr 26, 2013