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Sort of a random thing, but if you like my stuff please check out my Lego R2-D2's blog at http://L3-G0.com or L3-G0's YouTube at http://youtube.com/myL3G0, and please tweet of facebook a link to his page, every visitor helps!

Full disclosure: Gearbest gave me the CR-10, so I feel sort of obligated to put it through it's paces and have been using that for my most recent prints.

My Stuff

I seem to have dumped a bunch of things here rather quickly. Most of this is to build L3-G0, my working full size Lego R2-D2 and more recently to support my daughter's Warhammer 40K habit.

Don't expect me to continue to be so prolific, the things I've created so far all have some part in building L3-G0. I'll probably slow down as I get more into his guts.

Update: My Lego R2D2 is "finished", so make sure to check out the video of him driving around, blinking lights, talking etc. L3-G0 the Lego R2-D2's blog also has a lot more info on his construction if you go back a bit. And please share, tweet, whatever! Thanks!

ShawnsLego http://L3-G0.com

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Printers: Creator Pro , Creality3D CR-10

Design Programs: Sketchup, 3D Builder

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Corner Bricks OpenSCAD Module Lego Angled Brick Builder by kresty Dec 10, 2013
Roller Chain Sprockets OpenSCAD Module by kresty Dec 7, 2013
Fancy Bricks OpenSCAD Lego Brick Builder by kresty Dec 6, 2013
Space Marine type Drop Pod with Extras by kresty Aug 31, 2014