My Customized Parametric Z-axis coupler (5mm to 9.3mm) by loclhst Sep 4, 2017
Prusa i3 MK2 X-Ends remake by loclhst Aug 28, 2017
101hero NEMA17 Upgrade (401sidekick) by loclhst Feb 21, 2017
QUBD TwoPointFive-Up by loclhst Dec 3, 2016
Removable tripod mount by loclhst Oct 13, 2016
Zipnfc Pet tag by loclhst Jan 12, 2016
HobbyKing X230 Quad Carbon fiber rod leg mount plate by loclhst Feb 20, 2015
Harbor Freight flashlight button protector by loclhst Jan 31, 2015
Sony CDX-GT540UI volume knob by loclhst Jan 31, 2015
Amiibo figure stand by loclhst Dec 14, 2014
Simple X-Axis Endstop holder for QUBD OneUp and TwoUp [Updated] by loclhst Aug 10, 2014
Wire wrap holder for QUBD OneUp/TwoUp by loclhst Aug 8, 2014