Futuristic city builder generator Made by catuna 16 mins ago
Subdivided Surfaces Made by catuna 19 mins ago
Filament cutter (1.75mm) Made by joreal 22 mins ago
Owl Made by houseofbugs 35 mins ago
Octopus Stand (more detailed) Made by T70E 40 mins ago
Scout Fidget Spinner Made by Milhause 47 mins ago
Mini Kossel Effector (FLSun) Made by captcrank 55 mins ago
The Triptych - Puzzle Box Made by allram 56 mins ago
#3DBenchy - The jolly 3D printing torture-test by CreativeTools.se Made by GrkManga 57 mins ago
Skull Made by captcrank 1 hr ago
The T-Rex Skull Made by kevinjohn3d 1 hr ago
Lego Storm Trooper Blaster Made by M600 1 hr ago