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A wise man is aware of what he ignores and doesn't ignore that of which he is aware of. Therefore he is a dreamer.

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Lewihe Play 3D LASER cutter/engraver mount by magonegro Jul 5, 2016
Bowden extruder flex for Lewihe Play & others. (AKA PakoBowden) by magonegro Mar 9, 2016
Samsung Gear S3 charger dock stand by magonegro Dec 19, 2016
Belted extruder gears for Greg's Wade / L3K and many more by magonegro Sep 27, 2015
Little Nema14 Belted Flex Extruder for E3DV6 by magonegro Mar 9, 2016
The 'Fractalizator', a monster creator by magonegro Jul 20, 2016