3D Printed Hexacopter

Made by jhosford1, uploaded

3D Printed Hexacopter Made by jhosford1 Feb 17, 2015


3D Printed Hexacopter by wtn Oct 3, 2013


I used a DaVinci 1.0 with a 20cm x 20cm bed to print this. I had to reduce the arms to %97 and print them corner to corner to get them to fit. I also modified both the bottom and mid decks for my own electronics mounting. Overall a nice build.

Hey can you load the arm files up? Becauce i have the same printer and i dont know how you reduce the arms to 97.did you do it with xyzware? Kindest regards doemster

No need to upload them. Yes, I used the current XYZware. Import the arm STL file. When the imported object is selected, you get a row of menus on the left side of the screen. Choose rotate and turn it corner to corner (45 degrees). Choose Scale. type in 97 in the box next to the apply button. Hit apply. That's it! Hit print and set your density. No need for raft or supports.

You can manually enter the rotation angle as well to get exactly 45 degrees corner to corner.

If you save that scaled arm as a 3W file once you get it situated and sliced (after you hit print), you won't have to do all that again. It will just open already scaled and rotated.

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