Reprap - Funbot i1

Made by anttho, uploaded

Reprap - Funbot i1 Made by anttho Feb 21, 2015


built with modified STL files for a .5mm extruder nozzle

little crude prints but fantastically great overview pictures!

Great job! A nice tribute to the original.

an homage you mite say

Funbot meets steampunk and ITS COOL :)

Wath printer did you use to print the parts with ???

Like the twistable lcd holder and think its pretty cool :)

Wath problems did you have with the 0.5 nozzle is this also on the newer parts or is it better there ????

I understand that the printable bushings where a lot of problems with the larger nozzle.

Iam always trying to improve the design so please share your modified parts as a remix also so I can have alook at them and even include some if they are better :)

Might be someone that wants to use some of your parts on there build :)

the twistable lcd holder is thingiverse.com/thing:397716
I will upload STL to remix page as soon as possible
the printer I used is not a brand name printer its is hand built just like funbot i1
but with less experience at building 3d printers so it is not the best
thus the .5mm nozzle which I think is outdated

Full Graphic Smart Controller Box for Prusa i3

Don't say that :)
My funbot is wath I ended up by first making some never released remixes of the smartrap and other designs .

But I learned new things with every build and then ended up with the funbot that iam very happy with in its current state.

You will understand more in the next update coming soon wath I have updated and made even better ;)

I haven't bin building 3d printers for that long compared to many others but I get a little bit crazy and get to be like a spunge that absorbs a lot in a short time and go crazy :)

That's why I do so many updates as I always find things to improve ;)

My end point is that you have to start somewhere and who knows if you see a design in mine that becomes your own in the future you earn bucket full of cash on ;)

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