MeArm V0.4 - Pocket Sized Robot Arm

Made by geekmomprojects, uploaded

MeArm V0.4 - Pocket Sized Robot Arm Made by geekmomprojects Mar 19, 2015


MeArm V0.4 - Pocket Sized Robot Arm by phenoptix Jun 11, 2014


Laser cut from 3mm acrylic with Ponoko. The instructions were very clear. I found that when screwing together pieces that were supposed to slide smoothly, it worked best to tap the holes with an M3 tap, rather than using the screws to self-tap. Also the servo collars were too tight on a few of the servos, so I had to remove the labels and file the outside of the servo down just a tad to get it to work. Wonderful project! I made my own controller from Arduino and some linear and slide 10K pots. Video of it in operation at: http://youtu.be/74RJb2Mj6Jg

Awesome job! Sounds like Ponoko's professional laser cutters have less acrylic lost to kerf! Something to keep in mind when sharing the files for the next version! Love your controller too!

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