Owl Statue - Voronoi Remix - Dual Extrusion

Made by shaqFoo, uploaded

Owl Statue - Voronoi Remix - Dual Extrusion Made by shaqFoo Jun 21, 2015


Owl Statue - Voronoi Remix - Dual Extrusion by UrbanAtWork Jan 22, 2015


Here is the larger owl. The Owl is mounted on a piece of silver shale (harvested from a local deep water lake) and the pine cones & needles were glued on with a spray adhesive. This was a gift for my neighbor's workshop. He is an older gentlemen who I consider to be the 'Wise Old Owl' so it seemed appropriate. I printed the Owl with blue and clear PLA. I put a string of RGB LEDs inside the owl so it can glow different colors. The colors are changed via remote. I created a cylindrical post for the inside and wrapped the LEDs around it. This allowed the LEDS to cover a 360 degree pattern with no dead spots. My neighbor liked it.

You should see the BIG grin on my face. THANK YOU for sharing your Make with me/us.


Sure thing. And thanks again for the awesome model. And of course, Happy Father's Day. I didn't forget the impetus behind you creating it in the first place :-)

Thanks (re; Father's Day) One of the kids got busy with TinkerCAD this morning.

All the owl credit should go to Cushwa. I just made it a little funky :) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18218

Owl statue
by cushwa

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