Xiaomi Camera 360 Rig

Made by GeryGreyhound, uploaded

Xiaomi Camera 360 Rig Made by GeryGreyhound Oct 20, 2015


Xiaomi Camera 360 Rig by andrias Jul 30, 2015


I'm having some difficiulties in putting the pieces together, maybe the rectangular holes should be a .5 mm bigger. Otherwise it looks good, I have some ideas on modifying the thing to make the assembly more easy.

Update: I used some polymorph thermoplastic from http://www.polymorphplastic.co.uk to make the construction more solid and to add a monopod mount.

Some sample videos:


Thats video is an awesome piece of work! One question before ordering the cameras, could you share some source files so I can have a play with the sticher pleeeaaasssee??

Can you tell me how to use AVP when you need to adjust the parameters, thank you

The video was an amazing job, congratulations. I´m assemblying the same rig and want to know what´s the software you used to combine the 6 videosources? Autopano? Thanx in advance.

Thanks :)

Yes, I use AVP2, it does a pretty good job (hovewer it's almost impossible to stabilize and stitch a footage like this, next time I'll try something simpler in better light conditions)

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