Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet

Made by Cube60659, uploaded

Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet Made by Cube60659 Dec 16, 2015


Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet by MIPRESIDENTE Feb 28, 2014


i scaled mine up in Cura to 1.101 to accommodate glasses to be worn in and made a couple of modifications to the inside of it to prep for servo control

For some reason the 4th stl file with the parts the "ears" attatch too is scaled way of.
When I add them in repetier host they end up being tiny, how do I know what scale to put them in so they are scaled the same way as the other parts?
These parts: http://thingiverse-production-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/9f/58/39/be/70/helmet4_preview_featured.jpg

message the person who made the file i don't know anything

Looks good, I am printing mine at the moment but did you separate the pieces that are together? also did you print it PLA or ABS? for mine I am doing ABS but I thin the default scale they used will be to small for my 22 1/2 inch head...

yeah i separated the parts until i got to the chin and lower face-plate i printed those together and i printed in PLA and i scaled it to to 1.101% to fit my head that is 23 inches but add my glasses on and it's 26 and i kinda need to see so that is why i scaled it up so much

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