Classic Mac iPod Nano Dock

Made by Howardd21, uploaded

Classic Mac iPod Nano Dock Made by Howardd21 Dec 31, 2015


Classic Mac iPod Nano Dock by option8 Jun 13, 2014


Printed this on a NewMatter Mod-T. Took three attempts: first was just a mess, second had broken filament, and third printed well. I found the holes for the cover face piece to plug into were not quite opened enough and used a small drill to open them. I also found the top piece did not fit super well until I dremel'd it a bit and made it fit. I decided to use some glue on the pieces to hopefully keep them together. I did not insert the base as it does not it well.

But I am loving it and appreciate the design. Thank you Option8 for doing that and uploading. My office has a technology museum (we do IT Consulting) and among many things, we have a working original Mac from 1984, and a place for a 3D printer to show the future of technology. This will go between them!

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NewMatter Mod-T