Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet

Made by ataylor60, uploaded

Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet Made by ataylor60 Apr 27, 2016


Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet by MIPRESIDENTE Feb 28, 2014


Printed to wear to a costume party I had intended to make the full helmet but time proved too short between deciding to make this and needing it completed. I have only printed the front pieces which I then glued together and stuck on to a cap (brim removed) so that it could be worn as a mask.

Amazingly this was the first significant print that I undertook on my brand new custom built Ultimaker some of the parts for which can be found here. Some time was lost to getting to know my new equipment and troubleshooting it as I went but largely speaking this process went very smoothly given how ambitious I was.

The parts were printed over the course of about 4 days (approx~ 24hrs of actual print time I would estimate). Sanding and painting was jammed in to just 24 hours immediately preceding the party. It is far from perfect but from a distance looks amazing!

I intend to complete the helmet so will update with more pictures when it is done.

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Everything is printed with grey PLA. I was initially struggling with bed adhesion for some of the more finely detailed sections of support material so I added the raft to get the project moving. It may or may not be required but I certainly had less false starts with the raft in place.

Great print! What did you use to join the pieces?

Cheers, hot glue seems to work really well on PLA. Not much else will stick to it.

The colors are spot on. What paint did you use?

I'm glad you like the colours. In reality I feel the red is a bit too bright but it comes up well in photos. Im not sure if it will actually be of use as I am in Australia but the gold is Dulux Duramax Metallic Finish Gold and the red is Dulux Duramax Hot Lips Gloss. The PLA is primed using the Dulux Duramax Plastic Primer. I also did a base coat with a generic matte black in the hope that it would be a little deeper but I'm not really sure on the efficacy of that.

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