P3Steel lasercut version 2.5 DXL

Made by chunkysteveo, uploaded

P3Steel lasercut version 2.5 DXL Made by chunkysteveo May 24, 2016


P3Steel lasercut version 2.5 DXL by AndrewBCN Jun 23, 2015


UPDATE: 19th June 2016

Just to make anyone aware - over the weekend my images were used in a couple of 2.5DXL frame listings on AliExpress by two sellers. I did not give consent or permission for my images to be used, and my images even show missing items explained below(!!). The sellers have since removed their listings, but in case of future repetitions, I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION TO USE THESE IMAGES FOR COMMERCIAL USE.

Finally got my P3Steel frame cut and picked up. Material was 3mm mild steel, laser cut using the provided CAD drawings as-is. Surprising heavier than I thought it would be, but this gives me confidence that it's going to be rock solid as mentioned in other builds.

Images show the frame as delivered by the steel works where I got it cut. It came very clean, straight and not at all flexed or bowed by the thermal cuts. Not sure how it was managed post cutting, but the burs usually left on parts CNC'd were filed off or not there, which is great. Going to start on the sanding and paint prep (matt black), then begin the build! Hopefully a video log of the build should be on my YouTube channel eventually! And a more detailed log on my personal blog Chunky Media.

Couldn't resist dry fitting the parts to see what it looks like, and i'm very impressed!

One note to mention so far - the mounting holes on either side of the printer on the upright "triangles" are NOT identical. If you find your Arduino Mega mounting holes do not line up - you've got the wrong side! Not sure if this was intentional, but worth noting, as apart from those holes they are mirrored parts.

There is one piece missing in the images - one side of the y-idler housing. This has since been delivered - but you get the idea!!

I would like to make a remix of this frame as a "Toolson Edition" such as "2.5 DXL-TED" which would re-arrange the parts and remove the x-axis bearing clamps and the y-idler housing. As most steel cutting is worked out on how far the laser travels while cutting it would be good to do away with these parts which aren't required on the Toolson Edition - and thus bring down the raw costs.... one day!

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Look forward to following you on this. I just got my frame and electonics in for this project as well. Where are you sourcing your bearings, smooth rod, etc?

Hey DuffnerD!

Great news, you will have to get some makes on here too of your progress. ALL my parts have been sourced from AliExpress over the past few months. The advantage of getting it from China is it slows you down and stops you spending too much money in one go!

I posted a comment on Lars 'Toolson' blog (http://scheuten.me/?p=745) outlining some recommended sellers, see below for extract:

Some suppliers that I do trust and have had several shipments of quality parts all shipped within 2 weeks are listed below:

Geek World
GREAT WALL Electronics Co., Ltd.
DIYmall (has recently changed name so not used lately)

Out of those, I have order most parts (ramps, heatbed, endstops etc) from Geek World and All ELECTRONICS MALL. I am not affiliated with them so can only give my experience with them! So far I am happy!

More specifically I have now got both LMU88 bearings (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/20pcs-lot-LM8UU-8mm-8x15x24mm-Ball-Bearing-Bush-Bushing-8mmx15mmx24mm/32371598665.html from Geek World) and bronze sintered bushings (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/8-12-12mm-FU-1-Powder-Metallurgy-oil-bushing-porous-bearing-Sintered-copper-sleeve/32652835215.html from Peugeot bearing). I think I am going to go down the bronze bushing route as they appear to be way more quieter - and my situation is that the printer often sits near where I eat/sleep/hangout etc! And if they are good enough for Ultimaker, they will do for me!

Rods are tricky... I've no idea if I have chrome ones, or hardened steel, or if they are made out of spaghetti... but the ones I got which I will need to cut down to size was from here - http://www.aliexpress.com/item/6-pcs-set-Reprap-Wilson-TS-OD-8mm-Smooth-Rods-3D-Printer-XYZ-Rods-Free-Shipping/32319705576.html 3DS store. These are for a Wilson printer, but with the 2.5 frame of the steel, most rod 'packs' from Ali are for the standard 2.01 frame sizes.

Buying from Ali is hit and miss... so far I have only had an Arduino Mega blow up on me which I got refunded. It's a cheaper and slower way of getting your parts, but I'm in no rush :)

Let me know if there's anything else you want to know!


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