Gothic Cathedral Play Set

Made by underst0rm, uploaded

Gothic Cathedral Play Set Made by underst0rm Jun 2, 2016


Gothic Cathedral Play Set by Skimbal Mar 19, 2010

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Microscopic version in Electron Microscope, using a self-built two-photon lithography system. Fabricated within 7 minutes.

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Selfbuilt 2PP machine


0.3 micrometer


100nm slicing and hatching

So awesome!, Thanks for sharing! :)

Hi I'm glad you guys like it. The model was scaled down to 80x54x60 micrometers. I cannot currently go into more detail. Suffice it to say, that the technology and capabilities are identical to system sold by Nanoscribe. I've actually spent like 1.5 years of my PhD to get the software running as well as it does now.

The cathedral is currently my test structure, since it contains many small and independent features which require high timing precision.

The cathedral was only a byproduct of my actual work. Unfortunately I had no time for more images. I'll try to fabricate another sample (without broken tower) and also take tilt view of it.

It gives you the opportunity to finish it as the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Chartres, which has dissimilar towers.

+1 for more details on the "Selfbuilt 2PP machine"!

Do you have more information available about your machine somewhere?

Oh My God! This Is EPIC!