Nose Flute

Made by Samwell_II, uploaded

Nose Flute Made by Samwell_II Jun 9, 2016


Kind of a long process. I made one of these a while back and aside from a few problems with my old worn out print bed, everything worked great.

A few months later, I decided to make these for a family reunion. I wanted to put text on it along with a hole for a necklace or lanyard or anything like that, so I actually redesigned the whole thing. I opened the .STL in solidworks and simply remade it based on what I saw there and the measurements I got from the one I already printed. It took a couple revisions but I got a functional design and duplicated it so that it made me 6 at a time and printed out 30 or so. Overall, very happy with the design and I am very glad that someone else already made one.

Update: Shortly after uploading this make, I was contacted by Antoine Carlous of noseflute.org. He asked if I could sell him some flutes and we worked out a deal. Shortly after he received them he posted a very professional review on his website. I thought I would put up a link to that post (http://nose-flute.blogspot.fr/2016/07/custom-3d-printed-nose-flutes.html) and also highly recommend his earlier post on 3D printed noseflutes that includes the original design uploaded to Thingiverse by Markbrocklebank.

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