DJ105, 105mm brushless quadcopter

Made by cnr1089, uploaded

DJ105, 105mm brushless quadcopter Made by cnr1089 Jun 27, 2016


DJ105, 105mm brushless quadcopter by DirtyJ_Designs May 21, 2016


I did a quick PETG test (Orange). I am curious if it will hold up. I am starting my Nylon print (although I only have Taulman Bridge nylon, since my printer can't reach the heat needed for the 910). I made a custom FC holder for the Pico BLX (will post once I ensure a full fit).

LOS build and tested, what a rocket, love it! Can't wait to add FPV gear.

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How do the PETG and Taulman Bridge nylon hole up?

Although I printed PETG at first, I never setup with PETG, although it feels like it would hold up. I did try it with the Nylon Bridge and although it worked, there was too much flex. If you hit a tree, the nylon would bend enough that the props would hit the nylon or maybe your electronics.

I ended up getting Taulman 910, even though they said my printer (Da Vinci Pro) couldn't print it, and it works great.

Aug 4, 2016 - Modified Aug 4, 2016
rbecq - in reply to cnr1089

Thanks for the reply! What temperature did you print the Taulman 910 at? If it requires an upgrade of the hotend, I might just order the frame from JonnyJ himself

EDIT: oh, just saw your post on the rcgroups thread, it looked like the temperature was 245C. Thanks for the info

Not sure if I put this detail on rcgroups, but the Da Vinci Pro is limited to 240 with it's printing software. I bought Simplify3D which is a MUCH better program (and works with the Da Vinci Pro) and you can crank the heat up (although I am sure it isn't good for the hot end).

Got it, thanks! The Taulman 910 claims need 250C - 255C degrees, looks like just a little over the limit

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