Centriphone (iphone + gopro) - original

Made by sergbot, uploaded

Centriphone (iphone + gopro) - original Made by sergbot Aug 29, 2016


Centriphone (iphone + gopro) - original by Nicovuignier Mar 27, 2016


What an awesome idea.
I can't wait to use it.
Thanks to Nicovuignier for such a great thought.
I printed it using PLA
Here are my settings
Obj. Fill 10%
Height Layer .20mm
Shell Number 2
Feed Rate 60
Travel Rate 80
Print Temp 220
Build Plate Temp 40

Do you think if I 3d print the iphone one, I can use it with the gopro too by using velcro?

How did you print the hook on top? Did you use support?

yes used supports. to build hook.

Nice work but the printer am using has some calibration issues.

Try calibrating the bed and then print a calibration block first. that way you don't was materials.

Yeah, I did it and all is well thank you so much...and am so much impressed with this kind of technology. In Kenya it's new but I will spread it to my friends.

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