Saintflint Extruder

Made by mb0, uploaded

Saintflint Extruder Made by mb0 Oct 24, 2016


Saintflint Extruder by mmemetea Aug 22, 2015


At first i was a bit afraid of the loop constraining the filament to much. However i've been able to print nGen Flex and PETG without
issues doing multi-hour prints. Very reliable, awesome. Minimalism at its best.

Printed a customized OnShape Version tagged with hBp:

  • #gap = 0.6
  • #diam_hobbed_gear = 7.6

Although i use a MK8 hobbed gear the available MK8 version did not work for me (the filament was barely touched by the bearings).

MANY thanks to @mmemetea for fully open-sourcing the thing as proper CAD model @onshape!

You're welcome... hBp means Hello Bee Prusa which is a comercial variant of the Prusa with specific hobbed gear, the reason why it didn't work for you MK8. Sorry about that and glad you enjoy this gem of simplicity.

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