Mantis Gripper

Made by FishGee, uploaded

Mantis Gripper Made by FishGee Jan 1, 2017


I made this as part of an ongoing project to automate a process at work. Printed with Push Plastic natural PETG & Maker Filament black PETG @ 250C on a 60C heated bed.

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25% / 100%


The urethane rubber adhered almost too well to the corrugated part that gets peeled off. I would recommend coating the removable part with a fine mist of release agent, or an almost dry coat of light oil to make it easer to peel off.

The servo I used is a Hitec HS-645MG that I already had. It fit nicely, but the screw that holds the gear on is 2.5mm, not 3mm. A quick trip to a hobby store got me past that. I could only find a 15mm long one, so I had to omit the small bearing at the top of the gear.No issues yet.

I also used some 6x13x5 bearings that I had on hand rather than the 4x13x5 specified. To do so I designed and printed some sleeves to fit inside the bearing so the 4mm screw would fit correctly in the 6mm opening.

I printed all the parts with 25% infill, but the Mount_B failed during assembly where it steps down to hold the 4mm screw. I re-printed that part at 100% and it seems to be fine now.

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