Drill press for a Dremel

Made by nielsvanharen, uploaded

Drill press for a Dremel Made by nielsvanharen Jan 25, 2017


Drill press for a Dremel by mitchnajmitch Oct 5, 2013


Works perfect but the bill of materials is awfull..

What you really need....

4x LM8UU
2x Spring (8.5mm inner diameter at least)
140cm (4x30 for standards and 10-20cm for handle) smooth rod 8MM if you use smooth rod for the handle, you need to make some thread yourself or simple use a but more threaded rod...
15cm M8 rod
12x m3x25 (bearing blocks and gear block)
4x m3 x 35 / 40mm (dremel holder)
16x m3 nut
6x M8 nut

Thanks for clarifying the parts list. I was wondering what on earth the 4 100mm rods were for and it seemed fairly clear that it would need 4 bearings.

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