Darth Vaders Tie from star war

Made by PavelRaus, uploaded

Darth Vaders Tie from star war Made by PavelRaus Feb 11, 2017


Darth Vaders Tie from star war by caihuiwei Jul 27, 2016


80% of original size.. still pretty big!

Amazing ! Great work ! Congratulations ! It's for sale or your own?

Yes, it really is :D

Nice tidy work! I like what you did with the cockpit windows too. Well done.

Awesome job, absolutely beautiful paint job!

Looks awesome. Are you going to hang it from the ceiling?

Thanks! And probably not, it is really heavy :D

Did you printed with Prusa MK2 ? The 80%, is it because of the Bed Size ?

Yes and yes :)

Nice job! How did you paint it, did you follow any color codes?

How did you get the cockpit windows so reflective and smooth?


Edit: And what settings did you use when printing, layer thickness etc.

It is just painted with sprays and details are hand painted. I just used colors which I tought would look good ;)
Windows are made from pieces of PET bottles and painted with black spray.
layer thickness: 0,2mm
perimeters: 3- 4
infill: 5- 20
printing time: 641 hours

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