land yacht RC class 1

Made by miharix, uploaded

land yacht RC class 1 Made by miharix Mar 20, 2017


land yacht RC class 1 by antoinefro Aug 6, 2016


ABS 0.2/layer
No ball bearings
Winch servo: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/sail-winch-servo-13kg-0-7sec-360deg-55g.html

Great simple model for 3D print usability showoff at school.
This is my first land yacht & I had a great time building it. :D
Antoinefro many thanks for publishing it!

Still waiting for wind to be at the same time I have free time, to make first run :(

Ps: The black one in background is from plywood and carbon tubes.
It's designed after antoinefro version but planed to be simple enough
to be hand made by my primary school students.
Steering is made over WiFi using smart phone.
If antoinefro agrees I can publish the files after testing and removing possible errors.

yes upload your remix or send it too me i will ad them

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