Royal Game of Ur with Print-in-place hinged board

Made by 8BitAlex, uploaded

Royal Game of Ur with Print-in-place hinged board Made by 8BitAlex May 22, 2017


Royal Game of Ur with Print-in-place hinged board by cymon May 9, 2017


Printed in Hatchbox Bronze ABS. recommend a raft if you want to try similar. The hinge worked great. I also scaled up the dice a tiny bit, but don't go too big or they won't fit in the compartment. Thanks for the model!

Just to let you know, the digital files for the diamonds and rules are available on the kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dpprofessor/the-royal-game-of-ur-3d-printed-playable-replica/posts/1906928

The size of the dice is the biggest complaint, and I'd make the bigger, but, yeah, then they won't fit.

Loving the bronze set. What did you print the opposing side in?

The opposing side was printed in Inland silver ABS. It's really more of a grey than a silver. I may try smoothing the pieces with acetone at some point and adding a little paint.

I no longer have my slicer set up for this so I can't say how much I scaled the dice up but I was able to get them to the point where they were just barely able to fit and be a little bit bigger. Another thing that might be worth trying is truncating the points a little. That should afford the dice some room to scale up but they will still be unlikely to ever land on the truncated sides.

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