"Braq" jointed dragon

Made by PavelRaus, uploaded

"Braq" jointed dragon Made by PavelRaus May 29, 2017


"Braq" jointed dragon by bqLabs May 29, 2015

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500% of original size

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Prusa Mk2





Could you measure wingspan and nose to tail end plz?? I'm making a big one for my wedding trying to decide scale.

I am working on a costume that needs a neck like this about that size. Could you print me just the neck pieces? Or point me to someone who can? Need it by September.

Shapeways can but expensive to go that route. I would say buy a decent yet budget printer so you can make it yourself. then you have it next time you need it. Look around the $450-$700 range that's all you need.

OMG, This is epic!
How many Prints (full bed) did it take?

for this large you would have had to split each part into multiple prints with a Prusa MK2
what did you use to do that and would you mind sharing the files

I think... this may be a hoax??

It is not :D

Impresionante!!! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Have to ask - how many days have past to get this dragon as is? Beautifull!!

Jun 1, 2017 - Modified Jun 1, 2017
PavelRaus - in reply to Bking1340

996 hours of printing and about a month of work before I finished
And thanks!

STL for that other Print on your first pic please :P .

For that model STL do not exist, sorry :D

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