Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable)

Made by beerman_uk, uploaded

Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable) Made by beerman_uk Jun 15, 2017


Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable) by Geoffro Jul 11, 2014

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I used supports on part 15 and 16 and the ears if I remember correctly. The other bits printed fine without, even the top section.

Some bits warped slightly so I have plenty of sanding and smoothing to do. I'll update the pics when I'm done.

Update: first pass of the filling and sanding done. When putting on the last piece (part 16) it was clear I'd gone wrong somewhere as there was a 5mm gap between that and part 15. It was also sticking out a bit. I've done my best trying to sort out the nasty ridge between it and part 14 and gap it left between part 15.

Update 2:
Primed and ready for painting. Had a bit of a set back when I dropped it on concrete, only the two mouth pieces cracked around the joins so had to epoxy, fill and sand those bits again.

Update 3: Sprayed and started the detailing. Moulded the eyes into some extra printed sockets with 3mm perspex in the oven for 10 mins at 150c, pushed through the eye with a spoon.

Update 4: Finished the detailing (although I still need to do the tube stripes on the other side)
Just mic tips (printed but need a gauze) and the ear pieces left. I didn't like the square look of the ear pieces so remixed it to a more rounded look (original on left, remix on right), due to the no derivatives on the license I can't upload them.

Update 5: mics done, lenses done, ear bits done, I'm done :D I used different mics. The mics are based off the hovi mix pa mic. I used a chapstick to push some mesh in the top then trimmed the excess, turned them over and glued them in.

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