Hovership MHQ2

Made by Jonosg, uploaded

Hovership MHQ2 Made by Jonosg Jun 22, 2017


Not quite a stock design but got a load of goodies off a buddy who was moving overseas dirt cheap:
Eagletree vector, OSD, current sensor and GPS, Frsky X8R and TS832, Vgood 25Amp ESC's all unused in the packaging for $150
HQ Prop 5045 bull nose - $10
4 x Racestar 2205 2300kv - $30
Runcam 2 - $65
Dinogy 3S 1800mah 65C battery - $15 x 2

The large size arms printed from ABS on 100% fill don't play well with 2205 2300kv motors and 5045 bull nose props. Got up to 200 feet and both port side arms failed in a hover. First flight test and a spectacular crash, cheapish build and nothing appears to have been damaged

Think that I will cut replacement arms out of CF and print up some stiffening adapters out of PTEG; will be good to move the ESC's to the arms then the spaghetti from the Eagletree Vector can be tucked nicely out of the way where the ESC's;currently are, then get the Rx and Vtx under the top plate

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