"Earbud Holder by sneakypoo" Downmix

Made by 3D_JOSH, uploaded

"Earbud Holder by sneakypoo" Downmix Made by 3D_JOSH Aug 13, 2017


"Earbud Holder by sneakypoo" Downmix by TheKre8Group Nov 24, 2015


The print was good, but it broke in two places since the video. I have glued it with superglue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEond1SKZog

What ?! 4 out of 5 !? come on josh ! You're breaking my heart.

Nice video! 5 on 5 :)

I think your earbuds could work with my other holder

Printing tips

  1. you're printing to hot, try to lower the extruder temperature a bit, this will avoid stringing.
  2. Try ABS juice instead of glue 7g of ABS per 100 ml of acetone (store in a HDPE bottle, with HDPE cap -otherwise it might melt)
Earphones Boots (earbuds holder)

I'm so sorry, when I said that I think I meant 5 out of 5. The only problem was that it broke, that might be fixable with more infill. Thank you, your tips are very helpful.

:-) thanks.

Yeah, when i print them i always infill at >50%, and since your nozzle is narrow, you might want to do 3 shells (around 1mm total)

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