No Brainer! - by Dizingof

Made by ktaylor_orion, uploaded

No Brainer! - by Dizingof Made by ktaylor_orion Jan 12, 2018


No Brainer! - by Dizingof by Dizingof Mar 2, 2017


Love this design! I have removed 90+% of the supports and artifacts but can't wait to show it off!

Printed with a (mostly) stock CR-10, sliced with CURA 3.1,0. Layer height 0.15mm with zig-zag supports at 60 degree overhang, a raft, 10% infill, speed 60mm, Z hop of 1mm. Inland Grey PLA at 200 degrees. I used Outer Wall Wipe of 0.2mm and Infill Wipe distance 0.1mm.

I'm going to try it in gold PLA next.

After that I may try it without supports and maybe zero Z hop so the top is sa little cleaner.

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