Yet Another Star Wars Destiny Box

Made by meat1oaf, uploaded

Yet Another Star Wars Destiny Box Made by meat1oaf Mar 13, 2018


Yet Another Star Wars Destiny Box by korvan Feb 23, 2018


Used eSUN PETG (http://a.co/8y7q8W2)
Nozzle: 245C (0.4mm)
Bed: 95C
Res: 0.2mm
Fill: 20%
Shell Thickness: 1.2mm (not quite enough - may raise to 1.6mm)
Retraction spd: 30mm/s
Retraction distance: 3mm
Raft: No - but I SHOULD have - if I only had more room on my glass! It was already a tight fit.

Print Settings


TronXY p802m










Just BARELY fit on my glass, but came out great!

Nice one! Glad it worked out for you. Open to suggestions for improvements at this point, as I'd like to reprint my very first one (used a brand of ABS that was difficult to get right, so the finish isn't the best).

One idea i was toying with was making the lid tongue and groove, so it could be reversible (Jedi v Empire logos). The problem there is that the embossed logo would mean supports for the underneath during print, which would be messy to cleanup, I reckon.

I'm printing the lid at this very moment. I'll let you know how it fits together!

Cool. My first PLA print of the lid was a bit loose, but I suspect I screwed up my adhesion settings, and removing the brim took some from bottom of the beveled edge. Keen to hear how it goes for you.

Lid ended up a bit tight for me. Pushed in ok but was bowed up a little. Nothing a file shouldn't be able to fix. Thanks again!!!

Better than the loose fit I had on my first print. Would you mind sharing settings and filament details, please? Cheers.

Done! Description edited...

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