My 0.3mm Thin Wall Calibration Cube

Made by i-make-robots, uploaded

My 0.3mm Thin Wall Calibration Cube Made by i-make-robots Sep 6, 2013


My 0.3mm Thin Wall Calibration Cube by i-make-robots Sep 4, 2013


This is print #3. The walls measure out between 0.56 and 0.6mm thick. The cube exterior is is 20.24x20.23mm.

Here are my Slic3r settings. Please tell me how I could do better. I am running a Prusa with 0.3mm nozzle hole and white ABS 3mm filament.

This is the first print I put online with all my calibration settings.
I will post which setting I change in each subsequent print. Trouble is I don't know what I should tweak. I don't know what other tests I should run. I might even need hardware upgrades like a floating X axis to reduce Z-wobble. (This is a thing I've heard of and never seen.)

printer/Alpha.ini - http://pastebin.com/6yFp7ZnG
print/alpha 0.4 support.ini - http://pastebin.com/TKD9rUsk
filament/Alpha White.ini - http://pastebin.com/svcMXeHt

I'll try for a lower angle next time to match the 3D rendering.

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