Jet Engine

Made by dxhacksaw, uploaded

Jet Engine Made by dxhacksaw Sep 19, 2013

I need help :(
I tested to print the big fan without good results :(
Wich options i have to use to print it in a right way - speed etc.
My settings:
Perimeters: 40 mm
small perimeters: 25%
External perimeters: 60%
Infill: 40mm
Solid fill: 50mm
Bridges: 50mm
Travel speed: 75mm
Where is my mistake??
Please contact me : [email protected] topic: Jet Engine
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Thanks for the heads up on the mismatched files. I corrected the issues up front and it saved me a lot of time and material.

Hi Again Adrian
If you can't get the front blades on the Mini. You can scale it by 0.8 and then to 1.2.
It scales down to 0.8 but when it scales it back to 1.2, it is 1.2 of 0.8 so it is a bit smaller. Do that a few times, till it fits on your platform, then whack a 10mm drill through it. (neat trick)
Cheers Gerry (Xena)

our other shop had the up plus so it wasnt a drama but thats an awesome tip thanks!
kind regards

"Wow" That is brilliant!

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