Iphone 4 holder for Honda Jazz

Made by Charles_Xavier, uploaded

Iphone 4 holder for Honda Jazz Made by Charles_Xavier Oct 14, 2013


Iphone 4 holder for Honda Jazz by mowi Oct 22, 2012


I was hoping this would work for my 09 Honda Civic, but no dice! The air vent is just too different and there isn't enough support. It was also just a bit too tight for my phone. But the design is top-notch, I was able to stand on it (full weight!) without breaking it.

Thanks, mowi. I'm going to remix it, using the iPhone slot with a version that will either fit Civics or be universal to attach to the steering wheel. We'll see!

Hi Charles, to bad it didn't fit in your honda civic. Thanks for the compliments and good luck in finding a solution for your car!