Nexus 5 Inductive Charging Dock

Made by AbhiShares, uploaded

Nexus 5 Inductive Charging Dock Made by AbhiShares Nov 13, 2013


Nexus 5 Inductive Charging Dock by theredtape Nov 8, 2013


Printed the stand in blue PLA on MakerBot Rep2 and the Nokia charger fits inside it like a my hand in my motorcycle glove!

The flat base warped a little bit, so I did not even bother attaching it to the structure. With the weight of the QI charger, it stays in place without any additional base, rubber feet or weights.

Looks awesome! Thanks for making it, I was worried it wouldn't print as well on a reprap or replicator but it looks good.

Hi mscartee,

I have a MakerBot Rep 2 printer and I printed it myself. If you don't own a printer, check out a new service we covered in our blog here: http://tinyurl.com/MatC-3DPPmehttp://tinyurl.com/MatC-3DPPme and see if there are any printers listed in your local area. If not, you can also get it printed through Shapeways, Ponoko etc.

As for designing your own holster case for the spigen, there are a number of free tools like tinkercad, openscad, etc. that you can use to do the actual design and then get it printed using services like the ones mentioned above.

Do you own a 3d printer or did you pay somone to print it. I want one of these but I don't own a 3d Printer. I also want to design my own holster case exterior for my spigen case and need to know of a reliable place to print these type of items.

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