CellStruder v1

Made by zamanlui, uploaded

CellStruder v1 Made by zamanlui Nov 22, 2013


Very nice! I couldn't find 8mm rods easily around here so I used 5/16" without much problem. I tried to print a linear bearing in Nylon but it didn't quite work so I ordered a few bearings. I am considering several existing x-y plane designs on Thingiverse, and some rough sketches of my own.

this is AWESOME! so cool to see someone else making it! the 3d printed motor/threaded rod coupler is awesome, and I definitely think you could get away with the linear bearing being 3d printed -- from my experience I could use the extruder without the second rod/bearing at the expense of a little bit of responsivity and accuracy.

what are you planning to use the extruder for?

Thanks for sharing the design, it is a very nice set of files to print! I have some better nylon that might work for the bearing, but they are so cheap from ebay it isn't a big deal. I just didn't have any off hand :).

I'm planning on using this extruder for printing phage onto agar plates. I'm working on a simple x-y axis now, but it is a bit of a side project. I have to wrap up my thesis soon. How has this been holding up for your cell printer?

very cool, thats an interesting application. We haven't been doing cell printing too much recently as it is a side project as well, but I have been brewing some ideas for the v2 version & translating this into 3d by printing cell in an agar/agarose matrix.

I am working on building an x-y plane for this printer first, but I have some ideas about using Peltiers to make a cooled bed for printing the agar, since you'll want it to set up fast. Could even use the heat from the Peltier to heat the agar -- but would need some sort of heat-exchanger system to avoid overheating it. Anyway, turns out your advisor and my future postdoc advisor are collaborators. I've applied for funding to work with Ben Kerr and Eric Klavins, doing some synthetic biology + evolution experiments.

That is exactly what I was hoping to do, 3d print in agar! We should chat about this project. I'm in Richard Lenski's lab right now (co-advised with Charles Ofria), and am moving to Ben Kerr's lab for a postdoc in the summer. We're writing some funding requests now to get CNC machines and more prototyping type equipment in the lab, I think this is the future. I'd love to work on some of these 3D/2D cell printing for microbial evolution experiments :).

send me an email at [email protected] -- we should chat!