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Made by bilsch, uploaded

3DPrintMi - Print. Make. Innovate. Made by bilsch Feb 10, 2014


3DPrintMi - Print. Make. Innovate. by gyronictonic May 31, 2013


Just finished assembling it last night.

Very simple design to assemble. Chris wrote up excellent docs, I had very little issue putting this together.

I sourced the printed parts through the designer. The parts were very precise - no issues.

Updated with my first print. I also re-built the smooth rods with chrome plated stuff from maker toolworks ( http://store.makerstoolworks.com/motion/precision-linear-shafting-8-mm-x-445-mm-set-of-2/ ). While I was at it I set the frame up for 200mmx200mm print bed so I don't have to tear it apart again later.

I'm still doing calibration but things are going very well!

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