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Moai Made by Shapespeare Feb 16, 2014


PLA Moai vapor polished with Acrylic cement (methylene chloride)

Be careful inhaling methylene chloride can get you high

I didn't inhale. Gives me a headache just opening the can without a cartridge mask.

This make inspired me to also try some smoothing. Ethyl Acetate (MEK substitute) also works pretty well. http://www.printedsolid.com/smoothpla/http://www.printedsolid.com/sm....

You can pull the MSDS's and judge for yourself. I consider methylene chloride to be chemically quite a bit nastier than acetone. It's a suspected carcinogen. But acetone is much more flammable, so you can take your pick. I wouldn't breathe either, and I wouldn't vapor polish indoors or near anything flammable. That said, have fun and post anything cool you do. I've love to see it.

not seen this technique before, is it comparable to acetone in danger level?

I used a vapor polish set up almost identical to what I use for ABS/acetone. The print is in a mason jar on a hot plate set on a warm setting. I have done a couple of pieces and it works pretty much like ABS/acetone (right down to the vapor pox you can see at the bottom if you overdo it). Acrylic cement is a really just Methylene Chloride, a solvent like acetone, and it happens to 'solve PLA nicely. It works to as a pretty good glue to attach PLA to itself as well.

good to know.
post processing of ABS (with acetone) is one of my main reasons
for advocating for ABS.

do you use a rotational apparatus to prevent dripping?
(similar to what is used for roto-molding)

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