Playable Ukulele - Printable w/ no Supports

Made by Hsushi, uploaded

Playable Ukulele - Printable w/ no Supports Made by Hsushi Mar 30, 2014


Playable Ukulele - Printable w/ no Supports by Solstie Mar 10, 2014

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Finally got my printer calibrated well enough to print something for fun. It sounds better than I could have hoped. I'd post a video but I don't have a tripod or anything to make a decent vid...
Print specs:
PLA @ 200C for all layers
0.5mm j-head
0.1mm layer height for all layers
10mm brim
printed on cold glass with Elmer's school glue (undiluted) sponged on.
total print time was about seventy something hrs.
Here's a video of what its sounds like.
I'm totally noob so try to ignore the mistakes :)
Thanks Solstie for sharing this! :D

Man this is really cool. Great print and nice tune!

what program did you use to chop each section?

I usually use SolidWorks, but used Netfabb Basic this time. Netfabb Basic is free and you can download it from their website.

All I have is my phone so I didn't bother making one. Plus, I don't know how to play haha, but if you still wanna watch a crappie video of a noob I'll see what I can do.

oh please do~

Oh I forgot to mention I chopped the model to print it and just super glued everything together. No dovetails or anything. Just straight slices. if you do this you better make sure you don't get any corners lifting or the parts won't mate flush.

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